Wednesday, 3 February 2010

What kind of insurance does have a private accident insurance?

Private insurance: Benefits

In contrast to a statutory health insurance private health insurance usually offers several advantages. Thus, for example, the services of a private insurance more compact and effective.

If the insured person after an accident incapacitated, for example, it is paid by private insurance, a single contribution. At 65 Health insurance takes over the age of the disability pension.
Also a payment of hospital daily allowance for each day of the fractured patient treatment in hospital will be included in the package of services of private insurance. Assumption here is that there is an accidental injury or illness.
Even up to one years the allowance has replaced the privately insured, when he was on sick leave by the doctor.
If, after a serious accident to expensive rescue operations or evacuations, the private insurance bear all costs.
Upon death, the survivors of the insured person is paid a one-off amount.
Must be a casualty for several months in a rehabilitation clinic and requires more complex treatments, so here jumps also a private accident insurance. This does not apply to mental health problems, such as accidental trauma.
Even cosmetic corrections are handled by private accident insurance is often, though not completely. Here, however, some conditions must be met. For example, a cosmetic change is accepted only if disfigurement or deformity of the body caused by an accident. Moreover, this correction must be no more than two or three years will be carried out after an accident.

Insurance benefits from one fund to be managed very differently. In any case, you can take a private insurance always very good and is contrary to the statutory health insurance much better coverage.

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