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When the insured event occurs when a statutory accident insurance?

When the insured event occurs when a statutory accident insurance?

Insured risks of statutory accident insurance are:

1. Work:
This shall include all accidents, which inadvertently Herbei in the exercise of activities will be conducted during working hours. For professions that include road trips, for example, taxi drivers, traffic accidents are also on the job accidents.

2. Commuting accidents:
An accident can occur during the journey from home to work or vice versa. In addition, for example, is one of the route from the office of the employer to another location also paths to the accident. This often occurs with construction workers who have to move from one site to another site.

3. Occupational diseases:
Occupational diseases are diseases which are listed in the occupational disease regulation and the employee on the basis of this disease is not possible to continue to pursue that profession. At a bakery for example, a Mehlstauballergie can erupt out of time. This disease does not necessarily occur during his training. When the disease first broke out but once he can no longer practice his profession.

The § 8, paragraph 1, sentence 1 of the seventh Social Security provides a definition for the claim. After that his work accident is the legally insured person as a result of the insurance business reasons, which caused the health damage suffered by the affected mainly due to the accident must.

In § 8, paragraph 1, sentence 2 of the seventh Social Security is well defined, which is an accident, under the law. Accordingly, an accident is a temporary, unforeseen external event acting on the body, which can lead to health damage or even death.

Also is associated with the work of emerging disease is not immediately defined as a occupational disease. The legislature is a physical injury sorted out according to the list, which is regarded as an occupational disease. This list is created by a committee of certain experts and submitted to the Federal Government, which of the listed diseases are recognized as an occupational disease.
Statutory accident must be guided by this list and take action.

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