Thursday, 28 January 2010

What are the biggest criticisms of a private insurance?

When benefits are provided are over the statutory accident insurance and other social systems, interfering with the private insurance. The grant of a private insurance coverage refers to the persons specified in the insurance and includes potential accidents around the world. The co-payment insurance depends on the level of costs incurred by the prolapsed accident. Costs incurred by the loss of income are not usually reimbursed. These costs will be paid by a disability insurance.

An accident, all events are evaluated, which act unpredictably from outside the body of the insured and damage them healthy. These include damage to the spine and limbs, when they are due to increased exertion. The insurance coverage shall continue to exist:

- Inhalation of toxic fumes or other toxic substances that result in poisoning or suffocation, if the insured can not remove from the danger zone;
- Death by drowning
- Health damage caused by acting tauchtypisches
- Health injury during a rescue by other persons and property.

In general, additional benefits are also covered. These include: hospital benefit, recovery costs, benefits for serious injuries, benefits, cosmetic surgery, aid Spa costs, accidental injury and death, protection, benefits, broken bones, one-off equality of certain diseases such as heart attack, an accident, the consequences of insect bites and tick bites, cancers.
Seniors may be their age and physical hazards in accordance with, in addition to housework, shopping and other activities of insurance.

The amount of insurance benefit refers to the amount of disability caused by the accident, actually the body of the insured. Here a distinction between a full or partial disability. The degree of disability is regulated in the Gliedertaxe.

Some private accident insurance offer the opportunity for excess in the insurance case.
Before the insurer enters into a private insurance, he should do a comparison of all providers of private accident insurance. The result shows the expected benefits and costs.

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