Saturday, 30 January 2010

OnVista Bank

OnVista Bank (formerly Fimatex) is a subsidiary of French bank Societe Generale. Since 1995 the business Fimatex / Onvista is the largest online bank in France. In Germany it is since 1997 with currently over 100,000 customers. 2008, the German brand presence in Fimatex OnVista Bank was renamed.

Rates and fees:
* With the new model FreeBuy you get Gratiskäufe) depending on the average balance in the clearing account (up to 360 per year FreeBuys
* Monthly fee of 3,99 Euro deleted from 1 trade (per month inactivity fee)
* Orders from 4.99 euros in Xetra trading at 0.2% of the order volume (minimum 5,99 euro, max. 39 euros)
* No limit or partial execution fees

* Intra-day trading
* 1000 free real-Pulls (real-time courses), followed by euro 0.015 per pull
* Off-exchange trading
* Foreign Trade at 3 U.S. exchanges (AMEX, NYSE, Nasdaq)
* More than 750 funds for occupancy, 650 of them with up to 50% discount on the initial charge
* GTS ® trading software free
* New customers receive a welcome bonus 10 FreeBuys and pay the first year, in principle, no fee

Security and Support:
* SSL encryption
* Free callback service support
* Deposits to 70,000 euros per customer 100% hedged

The Fimatex / OnVista Bank deals are particularly suited for active traders that have transactions each month. But even small investors can find a cheap online bank for their entitlements. The new model allows FreeBuy free stock purchases, so Onvista sits down at the head of the online broker.

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